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Housing units, called "Pods", are made up of several individual rooms connected to a large room. A correctional officer is working inside each housing unit 24 hours daily. Individual rooms can have one Weld County Jail  Rec Table bed or more. A housing unit may hold as many as 80 inmates.

Inmates have to stay in their room or cell with the door closed or locked several times a day. This is called a "lock down" period. Even with lock downs, inmates are still outside their individual room or cell about 10 hours every day.

A nurse is always in the building and clinics with the jail physician and dentist are available several times weekly. Co-payments are charged for appointments not required by a nurse. If you have important information about an inmate’s medical or mental health, call the jail and ask to speak to the medical unit.
Three nutritionally balanced meals are served every day and recreation time is scheduled several times each week. There are both indoor and outdoor gyms.

An in-house library is available. Inmates are allowed to check out up to two books each week.

All basic hygiene supplies and clothing are issued by the jail. Some inmates have to wash their own underclothing but uniforms and bedding are washed and regularly exchanged by the jail. Inmates are expected to shower at least twice weekly and may ask for a razor to shave. Haircuts may be available at cost.

Programs are offered for self-improvement. An inmate needs to talk with a counselor to find out what may be available.

A grievance procedure is available to inmates if they have a complaint or problem. Grievance procedure is described in The Inmate Handbook available in each housing unit.

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